Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to help rank higher in search engines like Google. The higher you rank in search engines, the more organic traffic your website will get. Organic traffic is important because it brings in the highest quality leads.

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Why do I Need SEO?

Organic traffic produces the best return on investment, it will boost your website’s online visibility and generate more business. I use the best-in-class SEO tools to manage your SEO campaigns right down to the keyword and landing-page level.

I will make specific, measurable and data-backed recommendations that will maximize impact on your website’s results. You have unique business objectives and I will work with you to create the right campaign.

How SEO Works

Monthly SEO

Perform the 6 key Search Engine Optimization factors described below in the next section.

Rank Higher On Google

Start ranking higher on Google. People searching for your product or service will more likely click on your website if you are on the first or second page of Google.

More Leads and Sales

Now that you are being seen on Google, you will start getting more quality leads, calls and messages every month. 

How SEO Works

You need to think of SEO like a marathon. Is it a slow process that needs to be done a monthly basis. Here are some reasons why SEO is an ongoing process:


When you search for your industry on Google and you see businesses in the top spots, those companies are not in first place by luck. Most likely they have a SEO strategy and they put in a lot of work to get in the top spot.


As trends change your website needs to adapt. Things like keyword research is a big factor when doing SEO, you could be trying to rank for a certain keyword but no one is searching for that anymore.

Google Algorithm

Google changes its algorithm (code) on a regular basis which means you constantly make changes on your website. If you would like to know more about how to track Google algorithm updates you can check out this article here.

How SEO Works


Keyword research is important when trying to rank a web page. Knowing how much traffic a keyword can bring in is the first step to planning an SEO strategy.


Google changes its algorithm on a regular basis so monthly code updates are needed to stay current. Small tweaks to your web pages code could be the difference of a couple placement rankings.


Link building is probably one of the most important aspects when you are trying to rank a web page. The tricky thing is that you can’t link to many website to your site at one time, you need to point them to your website slowly. When you have new links pointing to your website Google sees this as a “up vote” and will rank your website higher in the future.


Citations such as Google My Business help with your SEO profile as Google sees this as an “up vote” kind of like I mentioned earlier with backlinks. Social media accounts also act as the same as citations.


Content is the single most important part of SEO. When you post long and informatives articles on a regular basis, Google will recognize that and bump up your website.


Along with keyword research, analyzing and testing is essential when doing SEO. Google analytics and Google search console are great tools for analysis.

SEO Case Study

Here is a SEO case study of one of my clients. These results below are just from 3 months of doing SEO work for them.
In this chart my client was ranking for 520 keywords when we first started working together. After 3 months of optimizations, they now rank for 800 keywords!
In this next photo, you can see some of the top keywords my client is ranking for. There are 8 keywords in 1st place with the total search volume of 370 searches per month. Not to mention she has other keywords in the top 10 which all together produces 1,000 searches per month! Every month your website will rank higher for the keywords that best suit your business. Optimizations can even help you jump 50 position just in one month!

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